• Objective screening and sourcing.

    CVs are biased, find new talent pools.
    Reduce costs and time to hire with Simulation Based Screening

    Better candidates, faster.

  • Search Skills

    Search existing skills!


  • Simulation Based Screening

    Screening for applicants, candidates, team members, or just for practicing...

    Browser Based

    Simulations require engagement.

    Candidates / applicants must engage in real-world tasks and simulations to demonstrate their skills and unlock answers. Labs ( CLI / GUI ) are via browser on standard web ports.


    Screens use simulations.

    Choose from pre-defined simulations for screening candidates. Alternatively you can drag and drop skills (from our library) to build your own simulations and send them as screens.

    Time Boxed

    Benchmarked proficiency.

    Candidates are also rated on speed.

    Questions are timed. A 30-40 minute screen made up of 10-15 simulated skills is recommended. Set a deadline, get results!

  • Features and Expertise

    Predefined or custom simulations are used to verify candidates skills in live lab simulations.
    Perfect for Technical Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, and reducing costs or time to hire / time to fill.

    • Make your pipeline work for you and gain confidence based upon empirical data.
    • Drag and drop skills to build your own custom simulations across multiple domains.
    • Refine or validate role requirements with testable fundamental versus desirable skills.
    • Export results as PDF (but decide whether to reveal candidate details!) 
    • Practice and screen your own CV or current Linkedin positions !
    • ML (Machine Learning) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) extracted skills and phrases.
    • Sign up for free and see example demo results!
    Trust but verify, and raise the bar with Simulation Based Screening!

    Network Engineering

    Cisco (IOS) routing and switching, VLANs, OSPF, IPv4, 802.1q, 802.3ad, STP etc. (✓)


    System Administration

    Linux troubleshooting, system administration inc. a range of POSIX utilities (✓)



    Demonstrate real skills to prove your RCS and CI skills (✓)

    Custom Mixed Roles ?

    Drag and drop mixed skilling from the library to create your own custom role (✓)

    AWS / CloudOps

    Amazon Web Services orchestration and management. (Coming Soon).


    Configuration and troubleshooting

    (Coming Soon / Currently in 'Staging').

    Sourcing / Talent Acquisition

    Access to search, engage, and interact with a talent pool of growing specialist candidates!

    (Coming Soon).